You Have More Free Time Than You Think

Don’t have enough free time? The Average american watches roughly 5 hours of tv every day. Sure, retirees bring the curve up considerably since they have the tv running most of the day, but nonetheless, the average adult watches about 4.5 hours!

This isn’t true for everyone, but still… do you have a project you’ve been neglecting to finish? Maybe you find yourself complaining that there aren’t enough hours in a day? Or perhaps you’re still not convinced Consider this:
Per Month, Americans spent just shy of 141 hours in front of their traditional television sets each month. That’s over 1600 hours of tv in a single year!

What can you do with 1600 hours? PLENTY.
That’s the equivalent of 40 full work weeks.

Sure, you might miss out on a good episode now and again or miss out on a conversation about a dramatic twist, but… 1600 HOURS!

My advice? Try to cut your average tv time in half! Limiting yourself to 2 hours each day and you’ll still rack up 800 hours this year. Make a plan for that time and DO MORE 🙂

Need ideas? Here’s a few things you can do with your new found free time:

  1. Read a book! – Or 100… depending on your read speed. Fun fact – “Teddy” Roosevelt challenged himself to speed read a book every single day while holding office as President of the United States.
  2. Learn a Language! – According to Benny the Irish Polyglot, it takes around 400-600 hours to reach level “B2” fluency on the international standard, the CEFR.
  3. Start a Blog! – Most bloggers can generate posts in an hour or two, but more refined, informative posts can be up in the 4-5 hour range. If you’re interested in something, have a story to share, or just like writing in general – I highly recommend it.

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