A Man Is

  1. A man’s character is defined by three main tenants: love, wisdom, and perseverance.
  2. A man does not boast of his strength. He uses it to forge and carry – always to build up, and never to tear down, lest he is making way for something new.
  3. Violence begets violence. A man should not act violently, save only when it is necessary to suppress violence.
  4. A man is patient and forgiving.
  5. His path leads him toward wisdom, through the pursuit of knowledge and experience.
  6. A man is brave when confronted, but recognizes when he cannot stand alone
  7. He turns toward a counsel of wise men and does not waste his time on slanderers and deceivers.
  8. He does not lend his time to immaturity or pettiness.
  9. He practices temperance in all things and turns from vices and temptations of all kinds.
  10. A man does not succumb to delusions of grandeur, but makes his plans in confidence.
  11. A man provides for those around him. He is giving and takes care to listen. More powerful than a man’s hands are his ears. His mind is a greater weapon than anything he may wield.
  12. He is a good caretaker of his crops and a shepherd over his herd. He plants his seed in good soil knowing that his sheep will eat their fill.
  13. A man leads and learns at once. He guides others, yet gains humility. His successes are the successes of others around him and his accomplishments are theirs.
  14. He does not boast and is not timid, but he walks with confidence and instills courage in others.

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